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Walks free to discover Florence

Florence, walks to the discovery of libraries and hidden places

Walks to discover the library, the historical and artistic heritage and environmental of the territory. Each walk is free but is required to book

The maximum number of participants per walk is 25.

HERE the full program of free walks.

The form must be sent to the Secretariat C.R.A.L. EMPLOYEE MUNICIPALITY OF FLORENCE. Via Filarete, 11 / c – 50143 Florence
Tel. 700 420 / Fax 7130416
email segreteria.cral@comune.fi.it

Monday-Tuesday-Thursday: 9: 00-12: 00 and 15: 30-18: 30
Wednesday: 15: 30-18: 30
Friday and Saturday: CLOSED

By fax and / or e-mail, stating:
-gita chosen
-name and surname
-date and place of birth and address
(These data are processed pursuant to the Privacy Act, need for insurance coverage).
The lists of participants will be drawn up according to the date of registration. Exceeded the numbers given for each tour registrations will be taken with reservations.

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